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The objective of our studio is to design new buildings, cosy spaces, both for their users and for the environment they are set in.  The architecture as we conceive it today must actively provide answers to the current ecological challenges with targeted technical solutions.


We strive to create a healthy architecture, based  on the following principles :


• To bring natural light in order to limit artificial  lighting and to take advantage of the natural heat of solar radiation.

• To provide protection from both heat and cold , by carefully designing effective insulation.

• To warm up and ventilate spaces naturally.

• To employ healthy and renewable materials (wood, clay, stone…)

• To make the sound insulation is effective


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Leisure Housing

Country: France                     Client: Private                      Year: 2012

City: Corrençon                     Surface: 120m²                   Ratio: 2 800€ht/m²

Creation of a leisure housing in the middle mountain resort of Corrençon-en-Vercors. Work on the poetic image of the cocoon, allowing to play on games of intimacy and facilitate its landscape integration by its smooth and refined lines.

Individual house Paris

Country: France                            Client: Private                Year:2016

City: Paris                                       Surface: 120m²             Ratio: 2400€/m²

A precise study of the solar masks was carried out on the neighboring houses, current and future, in order to predict the evolution of the natural contributions of the house in time. The main facade is worked like a moucharabieh with white bricks, and comes to protect from the daylight and staged the house with a thick and warm light, like a lantern lit in the night. The living spaces come enjoy the light of day and protect themselves from the looks and noise of the city.

Extension of an existant family home

Country: France                        Client: private                     Year: 2015

City: Créteil                                  Surface: 120m²                 Ratio: 2 800€ht/m²

Extension of an existant family home. Improvement of the energy qualities of the house. Construction system with wood frame.


52 Housings

Country: France                    Client: Private                              Year: 2012

City: Saint-Priest                    Surface: NC                                 Ratio: 1800€ht/m²

Housing development for accession on behalf of Kaufman & Broad private developer.

All rights reserved to Mona Lisa Architectes

33 Housings

Country: France                      Client: Private                           Year: 2014

City: Saint-Priest                      Surface: NC                              Ratio: 1800€ht/m²

Housing development for accession on behalf of Sogerim private developer.


All rights reserved to Mona Lisa Architectes

11 Social Housings

Country: France                     Client: Agreement sector           Year: 2014

City: Mions                               Surface: NC                                   Ratio: 1500€ht/m²

Creation of 8 wood frame housing in R2, and the restoration of an existing farm in 4 individual apartments, on behalf of East Metropole Habitat and Porte des Alpes Habitat.

All rights reserved to Mona Lisa Architectes

12 Social Housings

Pays: France                          Maître d'ouvrage: Conventionné          Années: 2013

Ville: Mions                             Surface: NC                                                Ratio: 1400€ht/m²

Creation of 8 wood frame housing in R1, and the restoration of an existing farm in 4 individual apartments, on behalf of 3F Immobilière Rhône Alpes.

All rights reserved to Mona Lisa Architectes


Forecourt of the General Council

Country: France                    Client: Public                                Year: 2008

Ville: Saint Marcellin            Surface: NC                                   Ratio: NC    

Developing  of court of the house of the General Council of Isère, the former tabacco factory of Saint-Marcelin.

All rights reserved to L'Autre Fabrique Architectes

Place of Combattants

Country: France                     Client: Public                                 Year: 2014

City: Trévoux                            Surface: NC                                  Ratio: NC

Design of the place of combatants in Trévoux. Participatory project woth the locals.

All rights reserved to Mona Lisa Architectes

Industrial Area KFC - Léon de Bruxelles - Norauto

Country: France                        Client: Private                 Year: 2014

City: Vénissieux                          Surface: NC                  Ratio: NC

Servicing and management of public spaces of an industrial area in Vénissieux.

All rights reserved to Mona Lisa Architectes

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Lüdstudio d'architecture
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