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The interior design demands to working both on the ergonomics of the space in relation to your needs and the decoration. This job combines both interior design and decoration.


We can start either from an existing  property or else this study can be part of the new building project. During our first contacts we will analyse your needs and your desires to create an interior that looks just like you.


We  work on  interior design in various and non exhaustive kinds of projects such as housing, restaurants, hotels, offices, shops or nurseries.


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Restoration of an old Savoyard farmhouse into a high end retsurant and B&B

Country: France                          Client: Private                Year: 2017

City: Flumet                                   Surface: NC                   Ratio: 2800€ht/m² (hors mobilier)

Complete reorganization of a traditional  Savoyard farmhouse into a high end restaurant and Gîte de France. The preservation of this vernacular heritage is currently the subject of the most careful regard from the team of architects and consulting firms. Recognized for its heritage interest, the soul of the building, its particular structure in tree-shaped, and its footprint in the landscape, are the subject of attention. ( Study in progress with Yohann Favre architecture studio)

Restaurant Takao Takano  Guide Michelin

Country: France                    Client: Chef Takao Takano            Year: 2014

City: Lyon                                Surface: NC                                      Ratio: NC

Complete renovation of this restaurant located close to the "parc de la tête d'or" in Lyoin. Takao Takano, Michelin starred chef, wanted a return to basics, to the image of his kitchen. A Zen atmosphere that combines international design and raw materials, is summed up in a large part of the concept. The spilt between an inner calm and professional and functional kitchen.

To visit for a refined culinary adventure.

Cottage Hotel

Country: France                          Client: Privé

Year: 2013

City: Saisies                                  Surface: NC

Ratio: NC

Interior design of this hotel in a warm and contemporary style.



All rights reserved to Philippe Lagrange architecte



Chocolatier Patchi

Country: Liban                         Client: Private

Year: 2013

City: Kornet Chehwan            Surface: NC              Ratio: NC    

Full high-end furnishings, custom furniture for a Patchi chocolate shop.


La Plagne Aime 2000

Country: France                    Client: Private                               Year: 2015

Ville: La Plagne                      Superficie: NC                              Ratio: NC

Full interior design of a shopping hall in La Plagne. Simple and clean lines. We have created a signage, inspired by paint lines, which are found to mark the trails. The way is well accompanied in order to the user finds himself in this maze corridor. The passages were also worked to emphasized the vanishing points of the existing circulations. A complete success for this program  using the contemporary imagination, for a cool, fresh, dynamic and rhythmis interior.

(project In progress)

All rights reserved to Yohann Favre architecte

General Council

Country: France                            Client: Privé

Year: 2013

City: Saint-Marcelin                      Surface: NC

Ratio: NC

Renovation of the former tobacco factory of Saint-Marcelin, into offices. Careful study to best comply with the existing built environment and allow it to receive the newoffices.

All rights reserved to  L'Autre Fabrique Architectes


Renovation of an apartment Paris XVI

Country: France                            Client: Private           Year:2009-2010

City: Paris                                       Surface: 180m²        Ratio: 3 000€ht/m²

This apartment was the object of all the attention in its updating. The high end design, the study of colorimetry and thrust lighting have allowed to a undeniable gain of quality of life for the residents.

Tous droits réservés à L'Autre Fabrique Architectes

Renovation of a bourgeois house  of the XXth

Country: France                      Client: Privé                                  Year:2009-2010

City: Meylan                             Surface: 100m²                          Ratio: 1200€ht/m²              

A complete restructuring study, interior design and decoration. The entrance has been completely redesigned and integrated to respect the lines of the modern movement. The internal circulations have been restructured and secondly  emphasized by the interior trim. A pronounced green tint in the living room brings a real personality to the interior.

Tous droits réservés à Jean Bovier Lapierre et Cédric Avenier architectes

Renovation of a flat - Paris

Country: France                            Client: Private           Year:2015

City: Paris-Pantin                           Surface: 25m²

Ratio: 800€ht/m²

A complete renovation and interior trim was given to this apartment. The owner working in the Comic's environment wanted to integrate large library around her studio of 25m²... and a maximum of storage ... "please". Challenge accepted ! : an independent room won, integrated storage or hidden in every corner, a functional kitchen, and  emphasized natural light input.

Renovation of a flat - Lyon VII

Country: France                            Client: Privé           Year:2014

City: Lyon                                         Surface: 85m²

Ratio: 800€ht/m²

A complete study of renovation  was  given to this apartment. The spaces were opened and the furniture integrated. Result: on apartment bathed in light all day and a gain on the quality of life for its residents.

Transformation of a barn in loft

Country: France                          Client: Private           Year:2017

City: Fontainebleau                     Surface: 75m²

Ratio: NC

Study of the transformation of a barn at the center of a village, in the  outskirts of Fontainelbleau. For this project we worked with the loft/industrial/country styles, with raw materials as wood, le metal, earth-straw coatings. The thermal insulation, the pellet stove and the natural light have been integrated. About the interior design, a game of textures, colors and era have been worked

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