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The existing house of the XIX century had a principal building, long shape , having openings to the North on the street, a single door landing side walkway. On the South side, the house had been enlarged in the 1950s, and had aligned the new floor heights with the old window sills. So, the house is all in half-levels. None of its three floors has the same natures, the dark, wet, low ceiling cellars; the dark and high ceiling ground floor, the bright last floor  and presenting great temperature variations, according to the seasons. The house had old networks and was heated with fuel.


Existing program:

Garden level: Cellars + Terrace / Garden and Workshop

Ground Floor: Living Room / Dining Room / Kitchen

Floor: Rooms and Terrace


Return to calm


Located in the close periphery of Paris, this little paradise has been designed from a common house of the nineteenth century, in the state of ruin. Lüd architectural studio gave it a second wind, to enter in the XXI century. and allowed it to meet its new needs.


Today unrecognizable, that's became difficult to distinguish the original construction behind the multitude of care provided. High energy performance, ergonomic, playful obviously, silent, sober clean and neat design, playing with natural light, this house will not finish to surprise you with the seasons. Relax, have fun and let yourself be surprised by this house like no other.



The program definition and the architectural approach of the existing, has been quickly oriented on the following points, during the phase of Sketch / Project:


- Project Program:

- Family of 4

- Day spaces in contact with the garden (Cellar)

- Home Working Space

- Guest room

- One toilet per floor


Completed with the following architectural information:

- Restructuring of the whole house

- Outdoor landscaping

- Roof

- Facade

- Stairs

- New networks

- New windows

- Acoustic

- Natural lighting

- Thermal Regulation

- Encourage the Low-Tech, complete it with High-Tech

- Tax credit

- PLU + Careers of Paris + Heritage Department of Paris





High Energy Performance Renovation


The High Energy Performance Renovation comes from a voluntary approach of building owners and Lüd studio architecture, eager to achieve an effective project.  Its daily use by building owners enables them to anticipate the objectives of the Grenelle  Environment 2020 for existing buildings.


An extensive thermal study was therefore done:

- Summer / winter comfort

- Insulation (internal and external)

- Natural energy inputs

- Glazing

- Natural ventilation

- Thermal inertia of the house

- Low temperature heating system

- Limitation of fossil energies.




Natural ventilation


Natural ventilation has two main interests:

- the natural renewal of the air

- the interior cooling in summer


The Venturi effect (thermodynamic principle of the air flow) was therefore worked on the entire height of the house, to facilitate the natural renewal of indoor air. The judicious positioning of a remote-controlled roof window, centralized on the home automation makes this use easy, playful and programmable.



Home automation


If the house was low-tech oriented with a sum of natural energy contributions, it seemed logical to integrate a hint of technology in the house, in order to make this management fun, easy and effective:


- Leave your home: 1 button: the shutters close, the water heater reduces its consumption, the central heating is cut temporarily until its next cycle, the appliances in standby are cut off.


- You wake up in the morning: the shutters open, the air is renewed, the heating has been relaunch a moment ago.


- Holidays: you simulate your presence, you relaunch the heating by phone.


Home automation presents a certain cost for the geeks of the connected home, which was not our will. We did not expect that the house is really thinking, but that its controls were facilitated, intuitive, playful and always directed towards energy saving.




A complete interior restructuring, moving uses and walls, requires a complete rethink of the networks. All the work of Lüd architecture studio has been to integrate and make them disappear. (various trenches, technical room reduced to a minimum).


The electrical network has also been completely redesigned, by the LED lighting work, emphasizing the guidelines of volumes, the main flows.


In spite of a dense technical networks (WW, DWD, ELEC, RW, DHW, PH) the result is perfect. Everything is there, and invisible.




We stayed simple. Three basic shades including three achromatic colours (black-gray white) without color information, and the chromatic brown color (wood + warm white lights) with the 3 primary colours (cyan + yellow + magenta) and allowing any color to be associated. The accents of colours will be given by the furniture and the decoration of the building owners.


This systematic choice was oriented by maintaining a high brightness and great modularity in the spaces. A baby room of 9m² and a 12m² office can be exchanged. The project is flexible over time, and stays finally  sober, uniform and easy to maintain in the daily life.


The house's numbers


Cep = 58.9 kWh EP/m² (Cep de référence : 101.0 kWh Ep/m²)

Conventional indoor temperature : Tic = 29.9°C  (Tic ref 33.1°C)

Surface : 95m² +38m² exteriors

Budget: The budget is not communicated for understandable private reasons , but was held by the architect. Each renovation project brings its exceptions. For more information: contact us.




Air quality and water heating


A controlled single flow mechanical ventilation on thermodynamic water heater, with built-in heat pump, recovering the existing calories inside the house, has been installed. To sum up, you make your hot water thanks to the home heat, via natural inputs (windows + sun) or your central heating. This system, Water heater + VMC, completely integrated and centralized, not only allows to filter and renew the indoor air of this town house, but also to be counted as a "natural resource" in the context of the Thermal Regulation and of the Tax Credit.

Acoustic quality


This line of semi-detached houses give all its character to this street.  All identical and singular to each other. The original construction system, without foundations (1943), seemed to have been made to live with its neighbours. The general neighbourhood atmosphere has kept all its charm.


However, the expectations of yesterday have changed. Lüd architecture studio has made sure to drastically reduce these sound transmissions by the use of a selected rock wool, bus also acoustic external windows and by the removal of hard spots during construction. A remarkable effect was felt immediately. No more noise from neighbours' stairs, this daily parallel life. This musical family will clearly enjoy the house.



Natural light


It is important to remember that the quality of our interiors depends in large part on our contact with the outside world. The framings on the landscape and the natural light make you perceive time and seasons. Your interior is once again connected to its environment and every passing day reminds you that an environmental approach is not only beneficial to your inner peace, but ultimately comes down to simple architectural solutions and the most basic things in life. See the sky lying on your couch, watch the sun rays licking and warming your interior will never have brought you so much well-being.


Lüd architecture studio worked it finely and the examples are multiple. The light penetrates deeply into the house and ricochets thanks to various  slab and door glasses, mirrors... Since the most luminous areas (Office and dressing), the light continue its course, far in the house. The effect is amazing, the quality of life considerably increased.




The general ergonomics has of course been thought in detail. We begun from a house for one couple with one child with ample spaces, to one couple with two children, home working, and a guest room. The conclusion of Lüd: The habitat is becoming denser. Architecture responds to theses new uses.


In addition, the house is composed of 3 floors, 4 toilets were installed. This confrontation existing / project oriented Lüd architecture studio to finely work the rotation, the mix of uses. Areas can change of function very easily.


The original stairs were steep and  dangerous for a daily fluid use. They  became a vertical border. Completely redesigned and enlarged, they form a monobloc spine in the house and accompany the different circulations. The heights of the variable levels and the half levels of the house have also required a further work in order to make them easy and pleasant.


The built-in storages became almost invisible thanks to a mirror game XL on the sliding doors. The effect of depth is likewise amazing, the existing long shape house began to suffer of its proportions and certain constraints, such as insulation, stairs, or traffic flows; the game of mirrors was an excellent way to remedy this by incorporating storage space.


Recesses  have also been worked on each usable square decimeter available in walls. (e.g. video projector recesse to remove the TV).


Glass floor


Three glass floors have been used in relevant way, for the following cases:

- Two glass floors of 80x80cm, aligned in height between the light dressing on the top floor to the basement. This solution helped to supply natural lighting and to aerate space perception.

- The third of 120x120cm in the living room allowed not only to let enter the light far into the living room and the dining room, but also to gain nearly 15cm of ceiling height. (Existing ceiling height living room H =2.10m.).

The effect is incredible and allows you to observe the sky and enjoy the natural light from almost every corner of the house. The very interesting game is also to be able to communicate visually from one floor to another, but also to take advantage of the natural or artificial lighting of the rooms situated above. Relevant and very efficient.





The exteriors


A tree has been felled, for  maintenance reasons and none utility for the winter comfort (evergreen tree).


The garden had an old fuel tank which was degassed and silted.


The bluid  planter has been positioned and dimensioned to offer a green view from the living room, a playful educative and easy access for young children and a prefect base for discuss around a coffee.


This terrace at the first floor presented the same problem as all up-stairs terraces , they are useless; except to let plants die, or to hang clothes. The problem was solved in favor of sunny afternoons with views of the landscape. Lüd studio architecture created  a gallows equipped with a pulley between the terrace solarium and downstairs (3 levels). If it can be difficult to access to it, going up 2 floors with a glass in the hand, nothing easier with a rope and a basket.










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