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Renovation of a townhouse of XIXs

Country: France                            Client: Private            Year: 2015-2016

City: Ivry-sur-Seine                       Surface: 210m²        Ratio: 1 800€ht/m²

Restructuring and complete rehabilitation of this townhouse. A point of honour was given to energy savings allowing it to claim the High Performance Label Energy Renovation 2009.(french label). Thin and  and elongated , very constrained in its volumes,and its half level; this house has requested a careful research in ergonomics, networks, stairs and access to natural light. Its construction was a great adventure.

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Renovation of an townhouse in Loft

Country: France                           Client: Private                   Year:2009-2010

City: Saint-Hilaire-du-Rosier      Surface: 210m²               Ratio: 2 200€ht/m²

This house in  condition of ruin was the subject of a full study of restoration and interior design. Energy savin, ergonomics, design and  trim  lines have guided the study of this atypical loft.

All rights reserved to L'Autre Fabrique architecte



Transformation of a farm in restaurant and B&B

Country: France       Client: Private                        Year: 2016-2017 (work in progress)

City: Flumet - 73        Surface: 1000m²                 Ratio: 2500€ht/m²

Complete reorganization of a traditional  Savoyard farmhouse into a high end restaurant and Gîte de France. The preservation of this vernacular heritage is currently the subject of the most careful regard from the team of architects and consulting firms. Recognized for its heritage interest, the soul of the building, its particular structure in tree-shaped, and its footprint in the landscape, are the subject of attention. ( Study in progress with Yohann Favre architecture studio)

All right reserved to Yohann Favre architect


Exterior renovation of a bourgeois house of the XIXs

Country: France                          Client: Private             Year: 2016

City: Fontainebleau                     Surface: NC              Enveloppe financière: 100 000€ht      

Exterior renovation of a bourgeois house of the XIXs. Recovery of the facade plasters and meticulous work of the mouldings and outlines.

Renovation of the chirch of Bellecombe

Country: France                    Client: Public                                 Year: 2002

City: Bellecombe-38             Surface: NC                                   Ratio: NC

Exterior renovation of the chirch of Bellecombe. Traditional heritage drawings stone by stone.

All rights reserved to Marie-Françoise Bonnard Manning

Renovation the mansion Croy-Chanel

Country: France                          Client: Public               Year: 2004

City: Grenoble                              Surface: NC               Ratio: NC

Restoration of mansion Croy-Chanel. Subdivision on diferents apartments of high-end , of this house  of the XVI century situated at the center of Grenoble.

All rights reserved to Marie-Françoise Bonnard Manning

Inventory and architectural statement

Country: France              Client: Parc National de la Vanoise       Year: 2007

City: Parc National de la Vanoise            Surface: 20m²                Ratio: NC

Heritage statement, stone by stone for the inventory of the National Park of "La Vanoise"

Exterior renovation of the chirch of Saint-Jean-de-Vaulx

Country: France                                 Client: Public                    Year: 2003

City: Saint-Jean-de-Vau lx                Surface: NC                     Ratio: NC

Exterior renovation of the curch of Saint-Jean-de-Vaulx. Heritage statement, stone by stone.

All rights reserved Marie-Françoise Bonnard Manning

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